Clairin is the Rhum Of The People

Few Other Spirits Have The Historical, Religious, And Cultural Significance That Clairin (Also Kleren) Holds For HAITI. A Traditional Clairin Uses Fresh-Pressed Sugarcane To Create A Light-Bodied, Complex, And Sophisticated Rhum Able To Capture The Regional Diversity And Expressions Throughout Haiti.

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Navèt 1804 is an expression of our unrivaled commitment to producing the finest Clairin, Haitian Rhum, with Haiti’s best and world-renowned sugar cane.

neat & on the rocks

Smooth, Refreshing, Elegant, And Complex – 1804 Rhum Will Tantalize Your Senses And Take The Edge Off Of Any Day Or Night, Whether Sipped Neat Or On The Rocks.

The Wine Of Rhums

Clairin Was Created And Distilled By The Natives And Enslaved Africans, Working The Sugarcane Plantations Owned By The Colonists. Subsequently, Clairin Played A Key Role In HAITI’S, And The World’s Only Successful Slave Revolution. Over Countless Cups Of Clairin, The HAITIANS’ Bid For Freedom Solidified And Took Shape, Eventually Leading To The Country’s Sovereignty In 1804. Clairin Is Produced Like Wine, In The Same Sense That The Terroir Of Where The Sugar Cane Is Planted And Pressed From Will Be Featured In The Final Taste Of The Spirit. HAITI, Formerly Known As The ISLAND OF HISPANIOLA, Boasts Among The Most, If Not The Most Fertile Environment In The Western Hemisphere. Haiti Is Known For Its Legendary Sugar Cane. To This Day, Clairin Features As A Fundamental Piece In All Aspects Of Haitian Life.