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As Children Of Caribbean Immigrants, Navèt 1804’s Four Founders Share A Profound Connection To Their Haitian And African Heritage Through Clairin. Lifelong Friends Turned Brothers, The Founders Bonded Over Their Shared Experiences And Cultural Upbringing. Since Their Pre-Teen Years, The 3 Haitian American Founders (Eddy, Jay, And Joe) Shared A Mutual Desire To One Day Effectuate Change And Development In Haiti. Immersed In His Brothers’ Culture, Dwayne, A Barbadian American, Felt His Brother’s Passion And Vowed To Help In Their Mission.

The Brothers Decided That They Would, Together, One Day Create A Company And Utilize A Portion Of The Profits To Effectuate Change In Haiti. Known As “The Rhum Guys” Since College, It Was Only Natural That The Founders Are Expanding Their Introduction Of Clairin, Haitian Rhum, To The World. Navèt 1804 Was Founded To Sell And Bring One Of Haiti’s Historical and Cultural Beverages To Broader Recognition In The U.S. And Around The World.